Look at the photos on these pages. They show that,
What we have to offer. From kitchen, cellar and restaurant to the side and the fireplace, meeting rooms, culinary delicacies, relaxation oases to attractive leisure destinations. And also, of course, how you can live with us.

Here we show you an extract of our menu in the restaurant Wilder Mann in Obrigheim:
We offer the following dishes from our
Known German cuisine
Zurich ragout”
Spaetzle, salad
Swabian bowl
Various medallions, mushrooms, spaetzle, salad
Ratsherren head
Various medallions, vegetables
Bernese bowl
Various medallions, bacon beans, fried potatoes
Grill plate
Various grilled pieces of meat, chicken leg, bacon, croquettes, salad
Seven-heart plate
Various medallions, schnitzel, onion, bacon, croquettes, salad
Beef fillet, bacon beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, silver onions,
Black pepper, croquettes
Porky “Indian”
Curry rice, baked banana, salad
lamb shank
Bacon beans, baked potatoes
Lamb chop
Bacon beans, baked potatoes
From local forests
Raspberries, chanterelles, cranberries
Roes, cranberries
Wild boar, cranberries
Wild liver, cranberries