Welcome! This greeting is in many places in the hotel and websites. However, on departure often not a few guests have a different feeling.
For the host is more than a professional routine. For the
A warm welcome must be shown at all times to make the guest satisfied. And not only in the first, but also to the last moment of a stay. This is the claim we have on ourselves. And that is exactly what we mean by family hospitality. In this sense:
Welcome to the Wilder Mann in Obrigheim!
“Paper is patient,” says an old proverb. And it means that much was written before, which was difficult to verify. It’s different today. This is especially true of images that speak their own and untruthful language: look closely at the photos in this brochure. They show what we have to offer. From kitchen, cellar and restaurant to the side and the fireplace, meeting rooms, culinary delicacies, relaxation oases to attractive leisure destinations. And also, of course, how you can live with us.


A good bottle of wine in a cozy corner, a freshly torn light after a busy day or a nice, cozy meal in a pleasant atmosphere is enough to relax. All this is guaranteed with us.
What else contributes to “letting go”, we also have: indoor pool, sauna and concentrated sunlight.
The water solarium and our new hydro-massage jet will do you a lot of good. Promised.
No matter whether you are traveling, traveling or traveling on business. How to “live” where, always plays an important role. That one in our rooms well
“Logs”. All rooms are equipped with shower or bath / WC, TV and internet connection. Where we stand out, is in the
Furnishings: Here you can find the farmhouse or the comfort room with whirlpool bath and waterbed. For lovers this is pure relaxation.


In terms of recreation, there is an over-offer in and around Obrigheim for every interest. A few examples please: In the place there is a information center of the decommissioned nuclear power plant, a local museum and a concentration camp trail. The world-famous Heidelberg is practically available
nearby, in Buchen is a colorful dripstone cave and in Sinsheim a technical museum, which is unparalleled.
And to explore the area on the Neckar has also its charm.
Mosbach, famous for its historic architecture, is just a stone’s throw away. The Roman border wall “Limes” can be visited in and around Osterburken.
And close by are the castles and fortresses on the heights along the Neckar: in Obrigheim the Schloss Neuburg, dating back to the year 970, in the Neckarzimmern the Götzenburg Hornberg, and in Neckarmühlbach Burg Guttenberg. There the German Greifenwarte shows daily, to which impressive flight performances eagle, vulture or falcons are capable.

Cycling in the Neckar Valley

Our hotel in Obrigheim is located in the middle of the beautiful Neckar valley, which offers an attractive offer for cyclists and hikers.
For you we offer a special overview of possibilities in the Neckar valley and Odenwald.
Details can be found under the following links on the Internet.

Cycling in the Odenwald and Neckar Valley

Information about the entire Neckar Valley